Eric Thayne

owner, Celadora Studios

sean cannell

owner, Think media

Colin Boyd

owner, Sell From Stage Academy

Miranda pearce

Director, Dr. Tim Ltd

Stacy Tuschl

Founder, Stacy Tuschl, LLC

lauren golden

founder of the free mama

Kendall Summerhawk

Owner, Hearts of Success, LLC

"IntegrateUp helped narrow down my decision and more importantly, gave me confidence that I was making the right choice. They provided guidance for the role. The application process seemed very thorough and I really liked the candidate videos and sample tasks that they did. This helped me see how organized the candidates were with their communication and presentation skills.

IntegrateUp did a great job of communicating each step throughout the process and setting expectations. I really can't think of anything I would change or improve with the whole process. I'm usually good at giving constructive feedback, but you've left me speechless!

I only wish I had known about IntergrateUp before starting the hiring process as they saved me so much time and stress. For me, this service was well worth the price I paid."

Jon Acampora

CEO, Excel Campus

"I loved the ease of hiring someone for a busy entrepreneur. Communicating the job needs to the job description and interview process made it easy to work with the IntegrateUp team. The candidates were spot on and hard to pick from. In the end, my hire has been with my firm for a month and has significantly impacted the team."

Angie Wolf

CEO, Ideas at Dawn Marketing Consultant

"What I really enjoyed about working with their team was how understanding, empathetic and relatable they were in our first conversation. I really felt like they understood the pain I was experiencing with hiring and I felt a really strong confidence that they would figure out how to find the right person for me and for my company.

The numerous parts of the process really helps to filter who would be the best candidate. So I really appreciated their entire process. It was thorough and walked me through everything and helped me in every possible way. Their interview questions were possibly the best questions I've seen on the Internet or in any workbooks/trainings.

I love that they were reachable and available during the entire journey. I already told a bunch of my friends to check them out!"

Chanie Wilschanski

CEO, Schools of Excellence

"I love your offer. I think it makes sense for our hybrid world. And you have a great process. I hope to be giving you many many referrals in the years to come!"

Maureen Ennis

High Performance Team & Executive Coach
Hybrid Workplace Expert

"I absolutely loved the ladies IntegrateUp sent me, and I had a really hard time choosing. I ended up hiring two! I hired one to be the OBM roll and the other to be a personal assistant. Their strengths for those rolls were perfect. Thank you so much for all your help and finding me amazing people. I have already told all my friends about your company and will be having you help us in the future as well!"



'IntegrateUp helped me learn that an OBM was exactly what I needed in my business at that time and found me someone excellent to work with. You really listened to the needs I had in my business as well as what I wanted the perfect candidate to be like. I could tell you went above and beyond to get me great results."



"The best part of working with IntegrateUp was that the process was very seamless. You were very communicative during the process. I would recommend your services to other agency owners. It was a great experience!"

robin alex

owner/Innovate Fast marketing

ā€œI was nervous about finding the right fit since I didn't have a pre-existing relationship with IntegrateUp. But I was proven wrong! You're clearly polished professionals who understand your clients needs and wants. I'm very happy with my OBM. Your ability to really understand my strengths and weaknesses and your ability to align me with some solid candidates was the best part of the process!ā€



ā€œUsing IntegrateUp to help me hire my Virtual Assistant was some of the best money I have ever spent! They had a process in place that really helped me see the skills and weaknesses of each candidate. The person that I would have chosen based off the ad response was shown to be the completely wrong person for what I needed based off the skills tests that Integrate Up gave me.

IntegrateUp saved me from hiring the wrong person for the job and all the headache that goes with that. I hired the perfect VA for my needs and I am so grateful that I found IntegrateUp and used their process.ā€

heather gibson

ceo, Big Hearted Breeders